Air Con Takes You Everywhere

I came for salsa, and I left with a degree in electrical engineering. I know the ins and outs of air conditioner repair. Guess I’m just a sucker for a good bit of advertising.

Come to think of it, I never actually DID get involved in that salsa course, even though it only ran for about a month, and then only weekends. But then, I was pretty busy learning about electronics, so…maybe later. Someday I shall return, and learn about salsa, and it will be the greatest salsa, good enough to stop wars. But…not now.

For now, I’d like to focus on improving air conditioning systems. I think what I truly love about this job right now is that I could go anywhere, at any time. And as temperatures rise in Melbourne, air conditioning becomes more and more in demand, across the land. Just this week I’ve been to fix cooling systems in a university, an office building, another office building, a third office building and a theatre. The most interesting one was the third office building; they apparently manufacture and sell some sort of fire extinguishers, but the place doesn’t seem to be doing so well. I saw a lot of arguments, people yelling, and the tension was incredibly high even when people weren’t talking to each other. So that wasn’t exactly fun, but it was still interesting. I love meeting new people, going to new places…and short of joining the army, electrical engineering was my best chance for it.

I guess the theatre was interesting, but it was full of highly-strung actor types who were stressing over the fact that everyone in the audience would be getting too hot during the performance fixed that little bit of climate control in a jiffy, then had a look at their lighting rig. It’s something new, every day. Like being on a pirate ship.

No, actually it’s nothing like that. Maybe one day I’ll get sick of the variety, join Melbourne’s best air conditioning repair industry for real and specialise in the one thing. But for now, I like moving around. And it gives me the flexibility to work on my salsa.


The Golden Age of Air Con

Perth air conditioning serviceI’m a keen follower of the sport of cricket. Sport of kings, clearly! I’ll never get why so many people think it’s ‘boring’ or ‘slow’. It’s really inexplicable. If by ‘slow’ they mean a sport where you’re not entertained every second of every game, then I suppose you could call it that. Cricket isn’t one of your silly basketball games where every spare second has to be filled in with cheerleaders and silly challenges. No, it’s  sport for those with patience and strategy!

I can’t play myself, of course. It’d be difficult with only one leg, but it’s become my absolute favourite thing to watch. From home, mostly. You see, I spent most of my life in Perth. Air conditioning services were my trade, got into it from when I was a teenager and that’s where I found my cricket passion. All the air conditioning firms in Perth at the time were involved in a massive league to find the greatest air con company of them all. You’d think that’d be in how they did their services and repairs but…well, anyway, petty details. So it was often air con during the day, then after work we’d all head down to the local nets to practice and throw dirty glances at the opposing teams, who were also practicing. It was all in good fun, naturally. After each game, win or lose, we’d all sit down in the clubhouse and have some scones with iced water. It was hotter back then, somehow. The clubhouse had amazing air conditioning, which was par for course, so we’d have a good old time discussing clients and the more difficult problems. Learned a lot in those post-cricket sessions, and it helped us to bond as a company and really do the best we could.

Perhaps you could even call that a golden age. Perth’s air conditioning repairs were never better than when the great cricket competition was going on! Though I haven’t been in a while. Maybe it still is…


The Quest to Be True Blue

Sydney air conditioningYou know, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a wallaby. That disturbs me. I know they’re a distant second to their more iconic brethren, kangaroos, but they’re still an Australian staple and I’m steadily coming to realise that I’m missing out on a quintessential part of my heritage. I mean…they’re like kangaroos, but fun and bite size. They sound like wonderful fun, but I’ve never even caught a glimpse of one.

What else am I missing? I’ve never been to Darwin, or Perth, and I’ve never climbed Uluru. I’ve only been to Tasmania when I was seven and don’t remember it all that well. And to top it all off, I’m not that fond of barbecues. Or sausages. And sometimes I look at all of Sydney’s air conditioning and the people who go crazy for it and I sigh, because can’t people live through one summer without air con?

GASP. I’m not Australian. I can’t be, otherwise I’d conform to at least one stereotype. I prefer cold weather over being in the cool air conditioning, so that’s bad. I’m such a stress-head at work and play, so I’m not a stereotypical ‘no worries’ Aussie. I;ve never worn a cork hat, climbed a gumtree or proudly acted super casual when walking past the Opera House so that tourists would see that I live here and this is totally my jam and be super impressed. I’m severely lacking in patriotism, basically, and that disturbs me greatly because we’re a proud nation still forming its identity and I’m doing nothing to help.

I’ll have to do something to make up for my foreign ways. I’ll change my name to Sheila, that’s a good start. I must get along to an animal park, see a wallaby, hug a koala, laugh in a motherly fashion at the bouncing kangaroos and have a near-death experience with a crocodile that I can tell people at parties. The whole vendetta I have against Sydney air conditioning repair people is out the window; now I love have my air con fixed, because when I’m not eating snags on the beach, I just can’t live without some good air con, yeah-hmm!

Is it working…?