Conveyances Make Dream Home A Reality

conveyancing lawyersI remember designing my dream house way back in grade 3. It wasn’t meant to be a realistic place, which is what you’d kind of expect from asking…nine-year-olds. Mine was on an island, because, I loved pirates. We had to design our dream house in pairs, so I designed it with this other boy named Alec. I wasn’t a fan of his dinosaur robot room, but I was pretty happy with my pool-hammock-treehouse. The best part was a spring-loaded trap on the beach just outside the front door, for people we didn’t like. That would just spring them right off the island. The worst part was how I planned to lure Alex onto it so I could have the island all to myself, because I was a terrible child.

Fast forward a few years, and I can’t help but smirk as I search for conveyancing lawyers. My parents left me the house, and now that they wanted to move into a residential village they’ve asked me to sell it. I figured that a conveyancer would help with all the paperwork and complex terms or whatever, and it’s not like I’ve ever done something like this before. So yeah, that’s helping. But it’s pretty stark, the differences between real life and a child’s imagination. My parents never had a tree house, or a hammock, or a pool, or even a combination of all three. The conveyancers aren’t going to be handing me any forms that say ‘do you declare that your hidden trap door will not be a significant nuisance to the neighbours?’

Maybe I’m the crazy one for thinking like this, but not much I can do about that now. Man, that island was cool though…so much promise. If I ever become a theme park tycoon, I’ll definitely be creating something just like it, because they would flock to it on account of its awesomeness. And by that time, I’ll have a legion of Melbourne’s good conveyancing solicitors to make it all a reality. That’s how that works, probably…


Expectations vs reality: the story of my life

conveyancing BrightonSeriously, I don’t know why people even bother dreaming, because the real life is a harsh place and there’s no real way to achieve them.

Okay, we’ve started off a bit nihilistic…I didn’t really mean all that. I just get so frustrated at the property market. You have no idea how many Saturday mornings we’ve burned through in trying to get our foot on the property ladder. So many wasted, when I could’ve been sitting in the coffee shop drinking caffeine and maybe working on my screenplay. All that wasted time.

So anyway, we’ve got pretty much every professional you can think of working on the case, though I’m really looking at the conveyancing services that Melbourne has. Not that I’m expecting them to be out there pounding the pavements and doing our searching for us, but I really think they could come in handy when we have to do our transfers and all that. You don’t want to get all the way to the end of a sale and find out that you’ve been dealing with a shady private dealer who just sold you a house due for demolition. I mean, the police could probably deal with something like that, but it’s just so much paperwork. Buying a house is enough paperwork as it is! So no, I really don’t want to get myself swindled. I think involving a conveyancer just adds a whole lot of…legitimacy to the whole thing, I suppose. I don’t want to get this far and not get anything for it.

Still, there’s so much more left to see. There’s an auction this Saturday, I can take time off work to make it to another one on Wednesday afternoon, and now I have to devote a bit of research time to finding out of there’s a conveyancer in Brighton, presumably one who can deal with a whole lot of stress. I’ll try to stay calm, but no promises.