Kitchen Renovation Messenger

The Fellowship of the Power Star was almost ready to move on when something strange happened. Princess Plum was the first to notice it, hearing the crunch of leaves behind her. She spun around, umbrella-staff at the ready in case bandits had approached their camp. Instead, she found a small blue penguin person standing there, staring up at her. What was a child of the Ice Kingdom doing here?

The little penguin lifted a flipper to her – Princess Plum could tell the penguin was a girl thanks to the pink bow on her head – face, wiping away tears. “Can you help me? I’m lost.”

Princess Plum knelt down and waved for the penguin to approach. “Of course. What’s your name? You’re a long way from home. What are you doing here? 

“I’m Arabelle,” the penguin said. “My mommy sent me to warn the professional laundry designers of the Renovation Kingdom. She said that the big bad turtle is coming for them next. Do you know where the Renovation Kingdom is? Mommy said it has lots of cool houses.”

Biting her lip, Princess Plum considered how best to break the news to the young penguin. “I’m sorry, Arabelle. This is the Renovation Kingdom. Trowser has already come and destroyed it.”

“Oh,” said Arabelle. “I’m too late, then. The big bad turtle destroyed it, just like the Ice Kingdom.”

“Trowser attacked the Ice Kingdom too?” Princess Plum said, fury rising to her cheeks. Destroying the homes of experts at completing laundry renovations in the Melboune area was one thing, but destroying the cute igloo homes of the Ice Kingdom was another. Trowser would pay for this.

Arabelle nodded. “Mommy and daddy said they were going to the Cloud Kingdom. I’m supposed to go there now, but I don’t know the way.”

Princess Plum sheathed her umbrella-staff and looked at Marion the plumber. “You, with me. Mushrooms, we’ll meet you at the Conveyancing Kingdom. Marion and I will be taking a detour to the Cloud Kingdom first.”

The White Rock

It’s getting really cold in here. Did I turn the air conditioner on without realising it? The temperature feels like it has been dropping ever since I found that glowing white rock in the freezer. Now it’s so, so cold. I think my fingertips are about to fall off.

Oh no, I just looked at my hands and it seems I don’t actually have fingertips. All I have are bones, except they’re not bones. They’re just plastic. What is going on?

If my house is turning into an ice rink or a winter wonderland, is there much point in going through designs for the kitchen replacement I’ve been planning? That is why I came on the computer in the first place, I think. I can’t really remember anymore, honestly. All I know is that my flesh is gone and I now have a gold crown on my head with a ruby in it. Oh my goodness, am I turning into the Snow King from that cartoon, Quest Time?

Who is the Snow King? I don’t remember anymore. It seems I used to know of him, but that memory has slipped away as the room freezes over and my body starts to actually adjust.

What happened to me? My daughter wanted an ice cream from the freezer, didn’t she? I went into the kitchen and thought that I really needed to hire some kitchen designers near Melbourne to help me out, to make the place feel fresh again. And then I opened the freezer, and I saw the white rock inside. I touched it, and that’s all I can remember.

Why am I writing this? Why am I sitting at this computer? I feel like I should be doing something. Something like using my new ice powers to build an ice fortress. Maybe like the one in Cold, about the princess who gets ice powers. My daughter will love that.

Now, what was I talking about, again? Oh, that’s right, renovations. Yes, I wanted to get some renovations for my kitchen, didn’t I?

– Cold Karen