Mums Need to Mind Their Own Business

They say milk is good for your bones, but I have my doubts. If it was REALLY good, then why don’t elderly people drink milk all the time? Those people are always complaining about their bones and joints and aching skeletons. You’d think that you’d see old folks just swilling milk all the time, but…no. They do not.

With a world full of misinformation, it makes raising a child almost impossible, I swear. One website says they need two hours of play time, another says six each day. Who to listen to? Everyone in real life gives conflicting opinions as well. I mean, people wonder why I’m always travelling two suburbs across to that indoor play centre in Carrum Downs. I’ll tell you why: because it’s clearly a place for kids. I can take Roscoe there, and there’s no question about whether it’s ‘good’ for him. He climbs, he runs, he socialises with the other kids and he has fun at the same time. As much as all the magazines are confusing and give conflicting advice, those are at least SOME things they can all agree on. Being social is good. Exercise is good. Having fun is good…if you do all the rest of the stuff at the same time. And then there are those judgemental mums who think I should stop going to the play centre because we’re going to pick up germs, or some such. Sure, germs are bad (all the magazines agree on that, too), but I made my own judgement call on that one. Some germs…are okay. Because there’s only one way to build up a tolerance. You can wrap your child in cotton wool, never take them to a birthday party venue and sanitise everything they touch, but you’re setting them up for quite the nasty flu at some point. Roscoe is healthy, and I intend to keep him that way.

Maybe everyone stresses too much, and children are actually a lot more hardy than we think. And then, maybe if these judgy mums found themselves an indoor play centre open somewhere in Melbourne, they’d realise that it’s everything a child needs. Instant success formula, you might say.