Beautifying Our Glorious Corporation

dermal fillers ballaratLawrence Corp prides itself on image, and I see nothing wrong with prioritizing the issue. We’re a dynamic company aiming for the top spot in the technology world, and people don’t buy technology unless it really looks good, no matter the functionality or whether it can project holograms and make your car drive itself.

And why shouldn’t this policy extend to staff members? We don’t just sit behind desks and talk to our customers through headsets. Lawrence Corp has its employees out there in the world, lobbying technology outlets and speaking to customers face-to-face. Why shouldn’t we have a trusted Melbourne anti-wrinkle injection professional visiting our office for a mandatory session with each employee to make them look their absolute uniform best? Personally, I’m fully supportive of this initiative from our great CEO, Mr Lawrence. If people come into our company on business or to make a query of some kind, they’ll see that all of our employees are a matched set of efficient workers who also have their appearances taken care of. Studies have shown that worker mentality can be improved with a uniform approach, and company-wide anti-wrinkle treatments are one such method. I’ve heard that the program is soon advancing to dermal fillers, a change I welcome. And not simply because the company provides them to all employees free of charge.

Lawrence Corp is so influential, they’re shaping the world of technology, the business sector, the stock market AND its employees’ faces, for the better. Of course, the treatments are strongly encouraged and not mandatory, but who would go against such a scheme? An expert in dermal fillers from Ballarat was flown in for their skill alone, so people know they’re in safe hands. And the treatments advance company interests. You wouldn’t want to go against company interests…now would you?

-Anika Fergus, P.A.